MainFrame Devlog

Enemy Models

I've been hard at work modeling the enemies based on Janice's concepts. I'm not a particularly good modeler but I think I can do the shapes Janice has designed which is great. It does mean that I am taking on more work but i can't afford to hire a modeler right now so on we go! 

That being said I have modeled most of the enemies designed. Using these enemies I'll create combat scenarios that should work out really well and challenge the player on all of their mechanics. As I go I notice little things I really want to fix but I would consider them polish and I have to restrain myself, specifically with FX stuff.

One of the enemies I really liked making was the laser enemy. The concept is so cool and once it was it game it just worked so well. While I was working on the laser enemy I refactored the enemy shaders so that I could supply a mask texture to control where the positive and negative charge colors were applied to each mesh.

Last week I created a bomb mechanic for the player. The player can drop a bomb with an unlimited supply but there is a cooldown time between when the detonate the bomb and when they can drop another one. I plan on allowing the player to upgrade this ability so they can decrease the cooldown time and increase the blast radius.

Here are some screenshots of the rest of the enemies in game!