"Future Imperfect"

In a future controlled by unregulated megacoporations, a constant war is being fought in the computer networks of rival enterprises. Awn is an agent working for "EXE" dismantling competing mega-corporation structures. When Awn begins to experience memories that are not her own, her employer attempts to eliminate her. Now she must raze the institution she's fought so hard to protect to discover what these flashbacks mean before her associates dispose of her.

"Power Awn"

"EXE" is a twin sticker shooter with elements of bullet-hell and adventure. You must fight your way through several areas of a computer network in order to survive and discover the truth to your past. You'll need fast reflexes and a sharp eye to avoid enemy attacks and exploit weaknesses in the mainframe. Your life depends on it.

Awn is still deeply connected to the network and this gives her some advantages over her attackers. The more efficiently she operates the more the system attempts to assist her by giving her upgrades and powering her defenses. Her swift movements allow her to briefly phase right through enemy fire giving her an edge over her foes. Use your environment to your advantage and lure enemies into traps being careful not to become a victim yourself.