Approaching Gold

As I get closer to gold on this thumb wrestling game I find myself tweaking as much as I can to make things better. So very quickly here are a couple things I did today. I updated the character select scene by adding a background for the character icons to sit on. They were just floating there and I needed to have them grounded to something. This neon magenta scan-line art I've been using throughout my game for other UI elements works well and it keeps the visual theme locked in. I also updated the texture for Grave Digger and Monster Masher. The Grave Digger texture now has these silly drawn in bones like someone wearing a skeleton t-shirt and monster masher has blood spatter on the texture. I changed player 1's selection color to be an orange-ish-yellow since this is a theme I've used for player 1 in my update to the UI in general. Likewise, player 2 is now a neon blue to match the UI updates.

New character selection screen updates

Moving on. I've created and implemented the control layout/help screen. Each time you progress from the main screen this screen pops up to show players how to play the game. The controls aren't complicated and I really should add this screen to the pause menu options in the main wrestling scene but time is tight so we'll see. I sill need to make a small credits screen in the start scene.

Control layout screen

Lastly, I animated a few things in the start scene to give it a little life. I added some movement to the glare elements and a sheen swipe effect that moves over the main text every 3 seconds or so.

Moving elements in the start scene

Moving elements in the start scene

That's it for now. The game is nearly done but I still feel like I have a ton to do to actually be able to sell it. I don't plan on selling it for much. Something really really cheap but once that enters into the equation all sorts of scary things have to be addressed and I need to know what those are before I can sell anything else in the future.