Title Change

Welcome to Thumbderdome
So I decided to change the title. I went through a couple variations. One was a play on WTF Wrestling Thumb Federation but it still lacked something cool and there is already some web series called TWF Thumb Wrestling Federation. Mine was way too close to that. I also just didn't like "Thumb At Me Bro!". It was just a little off and didn't sound right to my ear. After writing down all of the things that came to mind when I thought about wrestling entertainment from way back I knew I wanted to have some kind of imagery to capture the golden age of wrestling. I also think constantly about the cage matches and the whole "Two men enter. One man leaves." So with that, I landed on ThumbderDome Wrestling. The other cool thing about this name is the "bd" consonant paring. In the font I was able to adjust it to somewhat resemble two thumbs facing each other. I made some other updates in code unrelated to this but I just wanted to make a quick post to put up the start screen art.