Infected Munny

This weekend I decided to finally start on my infected munny inspired by The Last of Us. I'd created a Joel and Ellie munny previously and was relatively happy with the result. This one I knew would require a little more detail and I wanted to try a couple new techniques. On my previous toys I made the mistake of using a paint marker for some details and it never really dries. This time I attempted to add all of my detail with my finer brushes. It only got difficult in a couple of areas but overall I liked it much better. I used sculpey for the jaw, face fungus, arms and the few protrusions on the torso. I also messed around with some gradation on the clothing. On my next one I'm sure it will be better but I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. I also used some sea sponges for the fungus areas. It gave it a really nice texture. Below are a few progress images. I should have taken more but ah well. Next time.