Based in Los Angeles, California

Website: ThumbderDome-Wrestling

Press / Business Contact:  doug_holder@dougmakesgames.com

Social: @dougmakesgames


ThumbderDome Wrestling is a 2 player fighting game played on only 1 controller. Each player controls one half of an Xbox 360/Xbox One PC controller to control a hand in a wrestling ring in a match of thumb wrestling. The joystick is used to move the thumb around and psyche your opponent out until they make a mistake. The trigger on each side is used to pin an opponent. Players can throw a pin attempt to lure their opponent in and then go for a pin. The trigger must be held down to maintain a pin and wiggling/rotation of the joystick breaks a player free from being pinned.

Instead of the traditional 123 count to determine a win, a meter at the top of the screen must be filled completely with a players respective side/color. This meter is filled while pinning an opponent. A player must wiggle/rotate their joystick to break out of a pin each time. The closer you are to losing the harder it becomes to get out of a pin but not impossible. A player can make a comeback and turn the match around resulting in some exciting outcomes. Pin attempts and pinning a player in general will fill a super meter for each player. If this meter is full a player can invoke a super move while they have their opponent pinned by clicking their joystick button to gain a large chunk of pin meter in their favor. A player can also use the special meter when full to break out of a pin immediately. Best out of 3 wins. There are 4 selectable character skins each with their own unique visual super move. They are purely aesthetic.